Joël dollié

Mixing Engineer


About me


Joël Dollié is a Mixing and Mastering engineer based in France.


 His work can be heard on many Trailer/production music and orchestral music singles or albums. He has mixed tracks for various companies, such as Ubisoft, and top trailer music publishers like Cavalry music. He also had the opportunity to mix music for various artists, such as Simon Khorolskiy, or the Mozart Symphonies 40 and 41 by the Danube Symphony Orchestra and Gavin Fraser.

Joël recognizes just how gradual (and tiring) the process of becoming a well-educated sound engineer can be.

In order to help change that, he wrote an E-book named “Mixing Modern Orchestral Music”. The book talks about modern ways of processing contemporary orchestral music. It also covers various mixing concepts and methodologies, that can catalyze the learning process for aspiring sound engineers. For the same purpose of educating the novices, he also wrote a mixing course “Trailer Music Mixing - Mastering Orchestral Post Production” which explores modern ways to mix orchestral and trailer music.

 Joël is known for creating wide and expansive sound worlds by using unconventional mixing techniques.


Mixing and mastering


Pricing is done on a per project basis. I will need information on what kind of project it is, the number of track(s) (single or album?), the number stems per track(s) and the length of each track(s).

I also need to know what kind of services you're looking for : Just mixing? Mixing & mastering or just mastering ?

Finally, I need to know what kind of files you'll need in the end, such as a multi stem export for production music, or a single master, or a master + instrumental version?

Please contact me for a quote


Note : Payments are accepted via Paypal or transfer. A 50% deposit is required at the beginning. Every project includes 3 free sets of revisions per track.



 "Mixing Modern Orchestral Music" was written for composers who already have a general understanding of processing units and techniques, physics of sound, and basic mixing concepts.
This book goes deep into the world of mixing and tackles new ways of processing modern orchestral music. This book is a must have for trailer / media and film composers who want to give that extra edge and polish to their music by learning new orchestral mixing techniques, or musicians who are new to this genre.

The information in this book is particularly targeted towards mixing music that was composed using sample libraries and virtual instruments, but most of the information will still apply to mixing live recordings. You can buy the book on Amazon or directly from me as PDF by emailing me.

Mixing Course

Trailer Music Mixing pulls back the curtain on mixing secrets and myths, and shows you everything you need to perfectly mix and master an orchestral based track.

From showing you how to use mixing tools like EQ efficiently, to helping you improve your volume balancing; from teaching the right way to use dynamic range compression, to enabling you to add width and depth to your recordings; from covering all the basic orchestral and trailer mixing techniques, to discussing a plethora of advanced methods like reverb tricks, mixing synths and using multiband compression while mixing etc. This course is destined to be a game-changer for novices and pros alike.

Just a trailer music mixing course? Absolutely not. This course was designed to be a fully fledged orchestral music mixing course. Even though some of the content tends to focus on Trailer Music, almost all of the concepts explained in this course apply to any kind of orchestral music. Epic Music, Film scores, Live orchestras, etc.


 Private Lessons

If you are interested in booking a private lesson with me, my rates are 60 EUR per hour. Lessons can be done through Skype or Zoom. The entire lesson is privately streamed on youtube, with an ultra low latency broadcast so that the student can hear what’s going on while communicating with me at the same time. Please contact me for more info.