Learn Orchestral Music Mixing

What you get

  • Lifetime access, a self-paced online course

  • Over 16 hours of in-depth video content

  • A plethora of written lessons

  • Free Ebook

  • Top notch up to date information, from basic to advanced techniques

  • A fully fledged orchestral mixing course, from trailer music to film-style live recorded music.

  • The only resource you will need to perfect your orchestral mixing and mastering ability

  • A dynamic community of over 150 students which will guide you through your mixing journey

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I think J.D.s course is simply phenomenal. I guess I have learned more about mixing trailer music in the last 4 weeks with his course than in the last 7 years working in the field. Absolutely recommended.

Dirk Ehlert, Composer at Dos Brains


What I liked the most about Joël‘s course is the fact that it‘s all about principles, techniques and concepts and not about certain plugins. Even though he highlights the pros and cons of many of the tools available out there, it becomes very clear what can be achieved with basic stock plugins as well once you’ve understood the idea behind a certain technique. Overall this course will be an eye-opening experience when it comes to the mixing process of modern orchestral music. Plus Joël really acts like a mentor and tries to help out whenever additional questions arise. 100% recommended!

Matt Sunny, Composer at Gothic Storm Music

Very informative, in-depth and practical, highly recommended! Lots of material to cover, and Joël Dollié has recorded hours of video clips to cover and share his opinion on his way of mixing and such. Totally worth it!

Herbert Kaden Core, Composer